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It is not your obligation to complete the task of perfecting the world,

but neither are you free from beginning it.

---Rabbi Tarfon,

Pirkei Avot [Ethics of Our Ancestors]



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A meat-eating environmentalist?? Don’t be an oxymoron!!


Abba Kovner (Jewish WW2 resistance fighter)


Abdul Ghaffar Khan (Muslim pacifist)


academics / activists for justice / peace




ACLU: American Civil Liberties Union


ACORN: Association of Community Orgs for Reform Now


Acronym and abbreviation list


Activism: Lycos Directory


Activist Links for Women’s Issues


Activists Handbook




Adbusters: culture jamming!


African National Congress (ANC)


Against the Grain


Air America Radio


Albert Einstein


Aleph: Alliance for Jewish Renewal


Alfie Kohn: against competition


All Africa News


Alliance for Democracy: progressive populism


All the Hemispheres (by Hafiz, 14th century Persian Sufi scholar and poet)


Alternative Media


Alternative Media links


Alternative Press Review


Alternative Radio


Alternative US Weekly Newspapers


AlterNet – independent and alternative journalism


Ambrose Bierce


America’s Progressive Community: 120+ links from Common Dreams


American Federation of Teachers


American Friends Service Committee


American Indian Movement


American Jewish Historical Society


American Jewish World Service (a Jewish Peace Corps and more)


American Museum of Natural History


American Newspaper Repository


American Politics Journal


American Progress Action Fund


American Sociological Association


Amilcar Cabral (revolutionary leader from Guinea-Bissau)


Amazon Watch


Amnesty International




Animal Concerns Community


Animals, Food, & Disease


Animals in Labs Info Service


An Open Letter to Barbara Lee


Another Generation”, Nonviolent Activist, Sept-Oct 2004


Another Miracle of Chanukah”, Tikkun, December 2005


anthrax info


Anti-Bush: over 500 links, lists, and rings!


Anti-Smoking Links


Antoine de Saint-Exupery


Apolitical Intellectuals (Otto Rene Castillo)




Art and Revolution


Art for a Change!


Arts & Letters Daily: ideas, criticism, debate


Arundhati Roy (Indian author and activist)


Arutz Sheva : Independent Israel News


ASJE: Alliance for Sustainable Jobs & Environment






Atkins Facts / Atkins Exposed




Auguste Blanqui (19th century French revolutionary)


Aung San Suu Kyi (Burma)


Auroville – a universal city in the making in south India


authors and books (excerpts)




Bangkok Post


Barbara Ehrenreich


Bartleby: Great Books Online


Basho’s Narrow Road to the Deep North (plus a biography and chronology)


Basic Call to Consciousness: Iroquois Confederacy / Great Peacemaker


Basic Guide to Essay Writing


BBC Dinosaurs


Beyond Blame Project: A Middle East Peace Initiative




Big Noise media-makers


Billboard Liberation Front


Biodiesel, Vegetable Oil Fuel, and the Veggie Van


Bioengineering Action Network (BAN)


Bioneers: circles, cycles, solutions...


Biotic Baking Brigade


Birobidzhan – Jewish Autonomous Republic in Russia


Black and Jewish Web Page


Blacks & Jews: A Revolutionary View


Blowback (excerpts)


Bob Dylan


Bob Harris


Body Ritual Among the Nacirema (Horace Miner)


Bombing Baghdad by the Bay?”, From the Left, Spring/Summer 2003

A Call for Empathy: Rethink Pre-emptive Bush Doctrine”, Berkeley Daily Planet,

Weekend Edition, 4-7 April 2003 (shorter version)


Book Crossing – a book lovers’ community


Brain Food/Die Off – Energy, Environment, Economics, Etc.


Brit Tzedek v’Shalom (Jewish Alliance for Justice and Peace)


Brook Computer Solutions: computer consulting for business solutions




Bruderhof Peacemakers Guide




Buddhism & Vegetarianism


Buddhism Depot


Buddhist Peace Fellowship


Bureau of Public Secrets


BURN! Nothing ever burns by itself.


Bushisms (by Jacob Weisberg & Brian Curtis)


BuzzFlash – Daily Headlines and Breaking News


CAF Issues : Campaign for America’s Future


California Academy of Sciences


California Federation of Teachers


California museums archive


California Nurses Association


CARRIE: A Full Text E Library




Celebrating Genocide! (CounterPunch) / Celebrating Genocide!: anti-Thanksgiving polemic in English

(¡Celebrando el Genocidio!: anti-Thanksgiving polemic en Español)


Center for American Progress


Center for Economic & Social Rights


Center for Health, Enviro & Justice (CHEJ):  formerly CCHW / Lois Gibbs


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)


Chado: the Way of Tea


C h a n u k a h


Chanukah & Vegetarianism


Ché Café Collective


Che Guevara’s Guerilla Warfare


Che Lives




Chiang Mai News


Chiasmus (and vice versa)


Children’s Defense Fund (Noam Chomsky’s Official Site)


Christianity & Vegetarianism


Chronicle of Higher Education


Chronology of U.S. Imperialism


CIA’s Greatest Hits by Mark Zepezauer


CIA’s Nicaragua Manual


Cinetopia: lots of cool links, essays, etc.


Circle of Life Foundation: Julia Butterfly Hill


Citizens for Democratic Renaissance: RKM, cyberjournal


City Repair


Civil Disobedience by Henry David Thoreau


Claim Vs. Fact


Clark University


Classical Sociological Theory


Code of Dinotopia






Coalition on Environment & Jewish Life (COEJL) - EcoJudaism


Code Pink


Colours of Resistance


Common Dreams NewsCenter: Progressive News & Views

An excellent non-profit, non-commercial news portal with breaking stories, cogent analysis,

syndicated authors, various alternative media, useful tools, lots of links, wire services, weather,

and much more…


Communications for a Sustainable Future: PSN & other progressive resources


computers and social change links


Congress of Secular Jewish Organizations


Congressman Bernie Sanders


Congressman Dennis Kucinich


Congressman Henry Waxman


Congresswoman Barbara Lee


Consortium News – Consortium for Independent Journalism


Continuum of Collective Action”, Peace Review, Vol 13, No. 2 (June 2001)


Control Arms


Co-op America


Cops of the World (Phil Ochs)


Corporate Accountability Project: corp power, corp welfare, anti corp action ...


Corporate Welfare Information Center


Corporation Nation by Charles Derber (excerpts)






CountryWatch: Altavista World


CovertAction Quarterly: Spying on the Spies & Spooking the Spooks


Coyote Point Museum


Craig’s BookNotes


craigslist: community resources


Cuba Solidarity web site


Cuban Review


Currency Converter


Cursor : Media Patrol


Cutting Corporate Welfare (Nader)


CyberBrook’s Blog


CyberBrook’s ThinkLinks


Cyndi’s List of Genealogy Sites


Cynthia Enloe interview


Daily Revolution News


Dan Brook’s CV


Dan Das Mann


Darryl Cherney


Dave’s ESL Café


Dead Sociologists’ Society


Deadly Deceits by Ralph McGehee (excerpts)


Deadly Humanitarianism”, From the Left, Vol. 23, No. 2/3 (Spring/Summer 1999)


De-Colonizing the Revolutionary Imagination (Patrick Reinsborough)


Deb & Jen’s Land O’ Useless Facts


Deep Dish TV Network


Democracy in America by Alexis de Tocqueville


Democracy Now! (with Amy Goodman)


Democracy Unlimited of Humboldt County: corporate control & controlling corporations


Devil’s Dictionary by Ambrose Bierce


Dharma Center


Dictionary of Critical Sociology dictionaries and reference


Diggers (English)


Diggers (SF)


Dinosaurs – Zoom Dinosaurs


Disability Rights Activist




Dissident Voice


Doctors Without Borders


Doug Henwood’s WBAI Radio Archives


Dying Words


Dylan Thomas: “Do not go gentle into that good night”


E Magazine


E Magazine: The Case Against Meat


eActivist – Electronic Activism


Earth First!


Earth First! Journal


Earth Island Institute


Earth Island Journal


Earth Liberation Front


EarthSave International


East Timor Action Network


Ecadre Directory – communist links


EcoCity Builders




Eco Kosher Network (EcoKashrut - Nourishment For the Body, the Soul, and the World)


Economic Policy Institute


EcoPortal: Environmental Search Space




Economic Policy Institute


EcoPopulism: Toxic Waste & the Movement for Environmental Justice (review)


Educator’s Links


Educators For Animal Rights: lots of info & links


Edward Herman (excerpts)


Edward R. Murrow High School


eHow: How things get done


Einstein Archives


Electronic Frontier Foundation – “Defending Freedom in the Digital World”


Eleanor Roosevelt


Eleven Inherent Rules of Corp Behavior (Jerry Mander)


Ella Baker Center for Human Rights




Enchanted Learning


Encyclopedia of Philosophy


Endangered Species Coalition


Environment: A Global Challenge


“Environmental Genocide: Native Americans and Toxic Waste” (abstract)


Environmental Justice Info


Environmental Justice links


Environmental News Network


Environmental Working Group


Environmentalists Against War


Epicurious: Food etc.


E-Sangha (Buddhism Portal)


Essential Information: Nader groups and issues


Essentials of Buddhism






Exxon Valdez oil spill in Prince Willian Sound, Alaska


Factory Farming


FAIR: Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting – “national media watch group”


Family Education


FBI files subject guide (Secret No More)


FBI: Freedom of Information Act resources


Federal Govt Kids’ Pages


Feminists for Animals Rights


Fibonacci (numbers and nature)


Find a Poet


Find Articles


Fireworks: A Global Plague


Fireworks: Breathtaking…and Deadly


Fireworks: Fallout over Disneyland


Flashpoints Radio – “speaking truth to power”


Fluoride Action Network


Food Not Bombs


Foreign Affairs (quasi official US publication)


Forest Conservation Portal


Foundation for Middle East Peace


Franz Kafka


Frederick Douglass (former slave and abolitionist)


Free Higher Education


Free Trade Area of the Americas: Top Ten Reasons to Oppose the FTAA


FreeSpeech Internet Media


Free Speech Network


Free Speech Radio News


Frida Kahlo


Friedrich Froebel (inventor of kindergarten)


Friends of Animals




Galileo Galilei


Gandhi Institute


Gate of Heavenly Peace (Tiananmen)


Gender Education and Advocacy


General Leftist and Progressive Resources and Hotlists


Genetically Engineered Food Alert Campaign Center


Geneva Accord


George Orwell (links)


George Orwell (political writings)


George Ritzer (author of McDonaldization of Society)


Get Active


GI Rights Hotline


Global Circle: global progressive portal…great annotated links


Global Economy 101


Global Exchange (an amazing international human rights org)


Global Ideas Bank


Global Issues


Global News Portal: antiCIA etc., news


Global Village or Global Pillage


Globalization & Corporate Rule


Golden Gate University


Google Labs


Google News




Graduation Pledge Alliance


Gramsci for Beginners


Granma International


Granny D.


GRASP / Great Ape Standing & Personhood


Great Thinkers & Visionaries


Green Belt Movement (Wangari Maathai, Ph.D., 2004 Nobel Peace Prize winner)


Green Party of the US

Green Party USA




Greg Palast (investigative reporter)


Grist Magazine: Environmental News, Commentary and Humor


Guerrilla Girls


Guerilla News Network


Gush Shalom / Israeli Peace Bloc


Hannah Senesh


HappyCow: global guide to vegetarian restaurants


HateWatch :: Fighting online bigotry!


Health Central: Dr. Dean Edell


Healthy Eating, Healthy Environment”, Laptop Lunch Times (October 2004)


Hillman’s Top 100 Wonders of the World




History as Mystery by Michael Parenti (book review)


History as Mystery by Michael Parenti (excerpts)


History Guide


History Hub


History of BioChemical Weapons


Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: life, the universe, and everything


Holocaust Cybrary:  remember...


Housing America


Howard Zinn (author of A People’s History of the United States)


Howard Zinn (excerpts)


Howard Zinn Online


Huck / Konopacki labor cartoons


Human Education Should Be Humanistic: A Progressive Philosophy of Teaching


Human Rights Watch


Humanistic Judaism


Idealist: Action Without Borders


IGC’s Progressive Gateway


In These Times


Independent Progressive Politics Network


Independent Media Center: aka indymedia aka IMC


Indigenous Environmental Network


Indigenous Peoples Literature


Inequality: news, info, quotes, links...


Inequality Quotes


Information Please: reference links


infoshop: Anarchy Guide


Instant Karma! John Lennon


Institute for Food & Development Policy (Food First)


Institute for Global Communications


Institute for Policy Studies: “an institute for the rest of us”—I.F. Stone


Institute for Public Accuracy


Intentional Communities


International Action Center


International ANSWER (Act Now to Stop War & End Racism)


International Children’s Digital Library


International Forum on Globalization


International Network of Engaged Buddhists


International Responsibilities Task Force

            The American Library Association’s excellent source of annotated links

            for information, resources, organizations, events, campaigns, etc.


International Vegetarian Union (in various languages)


Internet Archive: 1 petabyte / 40+ billion pages


Internet Jewish History Sourcebook


Internet Movie Database


Internet Public Library

Internet Public Library Kidspace


Islamic Concern for Animals


Israel, Palestine, & Justice (Common Dreams), 8 April 2002

Israel, Palestine and Justice” (AlterNet), 9 April 2002

Israel, Palestine and Justice” (Beyond Blame), 9 April 2002


Israel/Palestine Center for Research and Information


IWW Media


Jainism: Jain Principles, History, & Resources


James Loewen (Lies My Teacher Told Me)


Jane Goodall Institute


Jay’s Environmental Links


Jay’s Leftist & Progressive Resources: news, essays, films, links...

            A great resource with loads of material if you’re willing to dig around…


Jay’s Marxisms and Socialisms Links


Jay’s Student Activism Links


Jewish Celebrations


Jewish Encyclopedia


Jewish Family & Children’s Services


Jewish Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender Archive (Twice Blessed)


Jewish holiday texts & meditations


Jewish Languages Research Website


Jewish Music Web Center


Jewish New Year


Jewish Renewal: National Jewish Renewal Center


Jewish Resources on the Internet


Jewish Unity for a Just Peace


Jewish Vegetarians of North America (JVNA)


Jewish Vegetarians of North America newsletter archives/blog


Jewish Voice for Peace


Jewish WebRing


Jewish Women’s Archive


Jewish World Review


Jewz [] Jewish portal




Jim Lobe on Neo-Cons


Jonathan Kozol (excerpts)


JTA - Global Jewish News


Judaism & Vegetarianism


Judaism, from Wikipedia


Judaism, Vegetarianism, & Animal Rights


Judaism and Jewish Resources


Judi Bari: Redwood Summer Justice Project


Judi Bari and the FBI” (ZNet) / “Judi Bari and the FBI” (IMC) / & on Hippyland




Kabalah 101


Kabalah & Jewish Mysticism


Kabalah links & resources


Kazaa (file swapping)


KDVS (Davis community alternative radio)


Ken Saro Wiwa (Nigerian environmental activist)


Kerala (democratic socialist state in India): Richard Franke


KFOG (classic rock and roll)


Kids Environmental Education Links


Kids Links


Koogle – The Kosher Search Engine


Korea Progressive Network


Korten’s Post Corporate World (excerpts)


KPFA (community/listener supported public radio in Berkeley)


KQED (national public radio in SF)


Kyoto USA – encouraging action to end global warming


LA Weekly, Letters to the Editor, 10 16 December 1999




Labor Quotes


Labor Research Portal


Lake Merced (SF)


Lakeshore Alternative Elementary School (SF)


Langston Hughes: “Let America Be America Again”


Latin/English Dictionary


Leftist Links Archive


Leftist Parties of the World


Le Monde Diplomatique English Edition


Leonard Peltier


LETS – open money resources for communities


Liberalism Resurgent


Librarians’ Index to the Internet


Lift Every Voice and Sing: The Negro National Anthem


Lonely Planet Online: travel


Lonely Planet Thorn Tree: Travel Bulletin Board


Lori Berenson (US journalist/activist in Peruvian jail)


Love Canal


Lyrics Spot


Macrocosm USA: progressive clearinghouse


Mad Cowboy (Howard Lyman)


Magazine articles


Mail2Web: check email


Manning Marable




Mark Twain


Martin Luther King, Jr. Papers Project


Marxism Encyclopedia


Marxism Made Simple


Marxists Internet Archive (original works)


MarxMail  (listserv, links, art, & more)


Masculinity as a Foreign Policy Issue” by Cynthia Enloe


Matt Gonzalez


Maven: Jewish Portal


Mazon: A Jewish Response to Hunger




Meatless in Mexico City”, Vegetarian Journal, Jan/Feb 1996

(“Cena Vegetariana en la Ciudad de México” on IVU)


Media Education links


mediachannel: global media connection


Media monstrosities – Who Owns What


Megaproxy / net privacy


Metaphor Project: Co-Intelligent Talk about Mainstreaming Sustainability


Methods of Nonviolence


Meyer London (socialist congressperson from NYC c. WW1)


Micah Publications (publishing arm of Jews for Animal Rights)


Michael Lerner – Editor/Rabbi of Tikkun


Michael Moore – author/film maker/rabble rouser/jokester


Michael Parenti (author of History as Mystery, Democracy for the Few, et al.)


Michael Parenti (excerpts)


Middle East Media Research Institute: The Middle East through its own Media


MidEast Web for Coexistence


Mills’ Power Elite (excerpts)


MLK’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail”


Mo Tzu (Chinese philosopher, 470-391 BCE, “universal love” and “righteousness”)

Mo Tzu, the Humanist


Modern Revolution: Social Change and Cultural Continuity in Czechoslovakia and China           

            (Lanham, MD: University Press of America, 2005)


Modern Times Bookstore (socialist collective)


Moe’s Books (Berkeley)


Mohandas Gandhi


Mondragon (Spanish cooperative network)


Mother Jones


Mouth Magazine




Multiracial Activist


Mumia Abu-Jamal


Museum of the Jewish Diaspora


Museum of Vertebrate Zoology


Musicians United for Songs in the Classroom (MUSIC)


My Jewish


Nader and the Nadir of Democracy?”, Dissident Voice, 7 August 2004


NAFTA analyses by Public Citizen


National Academy Press


National Coalition Against Censorship


National Labor Committee


National Political Index: 30+ categories of links


National Public Radio (NPR)


National Security Archive: independent research library


Native American Rights Fund


Nature: A Conclusion (by Nina Moliver following Martin Niemoeller)


National Abortion Federation / Voice of Choice


National Organization for Men Against Sexism (NOMAS)


National Organization of Women


National Yiddish Book Center


Neil Young




Net Travel


Neve Shalom / Wahat al Salam


New York Public Library


News Making News


News of the Weird


Next Book


No Blood For Oil


Noam Chomsky (archive)


Noam Chomsky (archive)


Noam Chomsky (selected excerpts)


Noise Pollution Clearinghouse


Nonviolence USA


Nonviolent Activist (journal of the War Resisters League)


Not In My Name (Taking Action for a Just Peace in Israel & Palestine)


Norbert’s Bookmarks for a Better World

            An incredible collection of 30,000+ progressive links,

            organized by subject matter and geography.


Norman Solomon


North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)


North American Natural History


Northwest Environment Watch


Ogallala Aquifer


Oil War: Fueling the Empire”, CounterPunch, 17 April 2003


On this Day


On Line Books Page


OneLook Dictionaries


Ongoing Tragedy of the Commons”, Social Science Journal, October 2001 (38:4)


Open Law


Open Music Registry (Open Audio)


Open Our Ears: Listening for a Change”, Jewish Magazine, No. 90, May 2005


Operation Respect (founded by Peter Yarrow)


Oregon Museum of Science & Industry: OMSI


Organic Consumers Association


Oxfam International




Pacific News Service


Pacifica Radio


Paleontology Portal


Paper Tiger Television (PT TV)


ParEcon – Participatory Economics Project (Michael Albert)


Parihaka (Maori 19th century non-violent resistance)


Part-Time Faculty: An Annotated Bibliography


Partners Against Hate


Passover & Vegetarianism


Passover Project / Anti Slavery Then & Now


Paulo Coelho (author of The Alchemist)


PBS: Public Television


PBS Kids


Peace & Justice Links




Peace Now!


Peak Oil: Life After the Oil Crash


People’s Global Action


People’s History of the US (excerpts)


Philosophers’ Valhalla


Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine


Pieman’s Homepage


Planet Rice


Plum Village (Thich Naht Hanh)




Political Affairs


Political Research Associates: Fight the Right!


Port Huron Statement (Students for a Democratic Society)


Positive Press


Posters for Peace




Praxis Peace Institute


Prevent Genocide International


Price’s List of Lists Links


Project Healthy Beginnings


Procott (opposite of boycott)


Progressive Annotated Links


Progressive Majority


progressive media links


Progressive Resources & Links


Project Censored




Queer Resources Directory




Questions of Liberty”, Common Dreams, 25 April 2002


Questions of War




Rachel Carson


Rachel’s Environment & Health News


Radical Press


Radio for Change – Working Assets Radio




Rage Against The Machine


Rainbow Grocery Cooperative (vegetarian, worker-owned)


Rainer Maria Rilke Archive – Quotes, Poetry, etc.


Rainforest Action Network


Raise the Floor: wages & policies that work for all of us


Ralph Nader / In the Public Interest


RAWA: Revolutionary Association of Women of Afghanistan


Real History Archives Collection


Reclaim the Streets (SF Bay Area)


Red Feather Dictionary


Red Feather Institute


Red Magic


RefDesk: Comprehensive Reference Site


Refuser Solidarity Network (intl solidarity with Israeli refusniks)


Religion Online


Religious Action Center


Renewables: living without polluting


Resistance is Fertile: activists against genetic engineering


Rethinking Schools


Revolutionary Rehearsal & the Case(s) of China”: Before & Beyond Tiananmen Square


Revolutionary Ecology” by Judi Bari


Rhyming Dictionary


Robert Fisk (independent journalist)


Robert Frost: “The Road Not Taken”


Robin Hood


Robot Wisdom Weblog


Rodger Kamenetz: JUBU


Roget’s Internet Thesaurus


Rogue State by Blum (excerpts)


Rough Guides: travel


Ruckus Society




Sacred Text Archive


Sand and Foam by Kahlil Gibran


San Francisco Bay Guardian


San Francisco Mime Troupe


San Francisco Public Library


San Francisco State University


San Francisco Vegetarian Society


Satya Magazine: vegetarianism, environmentalism, animal advocacy, social justice


Saul Landau


Save the Children


School of Wisdom


Schools of Thought: social, political, economic


Sea Shepherd Conservation Society


Sean Gonsalves (essays)


Seattle Weekly Letters, 9 15 December 1999 (“World Traitor Organization”)


Secular Web  “… a drop of reason in a pool of confusion.”


Seeking and Speaking the Truth” (review of William Blum’s Rogue State)


September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows


Seven Plus Wonders of Sustainability: Donella Meadows: “Global Citizen” (8/26/99)


SF Bay Area Progressive Directory


SF Progressive


Shakespeare: the complete works


Shalom Center


“Shocking and Awful”, Online Journal of Public Theology, 29 March 2003


Simple Living Network – “Tools for Restorative Living”


Simplicity and Success (Bruce Elkin)


Slowlane – for stay-at-home dads


smartMeme Network


Smoking Links / Smoking Stinks


Social Science Info Gateway


Social Action: Jewish resources for social change activists


Socialism Web Site


Socialist Viewpoint – “news and analysis for working people”


Society of Ethical and Religious Vegetarians


Sociological Snippets: intro sociology nuggets with lots of links


Sociologists Without Borders


Sociology Online


SocioSite: Sociological Subject Areas


Solar Energy International


Solidarity Forever (by Ralph Chaplin, 1915)


Some Social Stratification Links (Martha Gimenez)


Soul of a Citizen: Living With Conviction in a Cynical Time (Loeb)


Soy Information Clearinghouse


Speech Archives


Spin Project (Strategic Press Information Network)


Spirit in Motion


Stakeholder Alliance




Steal This Book by Abbie Hoffman


Stephen Hawking


Steve Rosenthal’s Home Page


Stevia – the herb that’s literally sweeter than sugar


Stew Albert’s Yippie Reading Room


Stockwell’s In Search of Enemies (excerpts)


Stone Circles


Stop the FTAA


Stop the War / anarchist statements/resources


Stratfor: global intelligence updates


Subcommander Marcos of the EZLN


Subvertise (subvert the dominant paradigms)


Sweatshop Watch


Synthesis/Regeneration: Green Social Thought


Take Back the Media


Take the Rich Off Welfare (by Zepezauer and Naiman)


Talking Seattle (oral history by John Charlton)


Talmud (Babylonian Talmud, trans. by Michael L. Rodkinson, 1918)


Talmud (A Page of Talmud – info, resources, links)


Talmud (bibliographical)


Tao Te Ching




Taoism Depot


Tax Meat




Teaching Philosophies


Teaching for Change: Multicultural Resources & Links


Teaching Tolerance: Southern Poverty Law Center


Temporary Autonomous Zone (Hakim Bey)


Terrorism Research Center


Thai Govt Web Site Directory


Thai language


Thai Students On Line


Thai WebRing


The Book of Tea, by Kakuzo Okakura


The Campaign against genetically-engineered “food” and other products


The Courage To Be Courageous” [review of John McCain’s Why Courage Matters], Dissident Voice, 12 Oct. 2004


The Farm (commune in Tennessee)


The Great Speckled Bird


The Hunger Site : Give Food for Free


The Jerusalem Link – 2 Women’s Peace Groups, 1 Israeli & 1 Palestinian


The Literature Network (searchable online literature)


The Lorax, by Dr. Suess


The Nation.


The Nonprofits: Donate for FREE to 75 Charities


The Romantic’s Guide: 1000s of Creative Ideas


The Smoking Gun - formerly confidential documents


The Sociology Shop


The Useful Page Directory: tools, resources, issues, orgs...


The Vegetarian Mitzvah!


Third World Network (TWN)


Third World Traveler: politics, media, quotes, travel


This Modern World (Tom Tomorrow)


Thom Hartmann – Renaissance Thinking about the Issues of the Day


Three Mile Island Nuclear Reactor Accident


Thrillionaires – Know the Thrill of Giving


Tiananmen: The Gate of Heavenly Peace


Tikkun (“a Jewish critique of politics, culture, and society”)


Time Dollars (community currencies)


Timeline of Sociology: 1620 to 1995


Timothy Garton Ash


Today in History


TomPaine.commom sense – A Public Interest Journal


Tools for Change resource ring


Tools for Organizers, Activists, Educators, etc.: great advice, lots of links


Tools for Teaching: Suggestions for Teaching with Excellence


Torahnet: Torah Study Opportunities on the Net


Toward Peace


Tracy Chapman


trademark search


Tradition of Kindness


Translations: Altavista Babelfish


Translation Engines


Translations (Free Translation)


Travelers’ Blessing from the Talmud


TravLang: language & travel center


Triangle Shirtwaist Fire


Tricycle: The Buddhist Review


True Cost Economics


t r u t h o u t


UN Development Programme


UN Refugee Agency


UNICEF / UN Children’s Fund


Union Directory


Union of Concerned Scientists


Union Voice




United for a Fair Economy


United for Peace


United Poultry Concerns


Universal Declaration of Human Rights


University of California at Berkeley


University of California, Davis


Urban Legends and Folklore (About)


Urban Legends Reference Pages (Snopes)


US Declaration of Independence


US Germ Warfare


US Military Interventions: 1945 to 1999 (William Blum)


US National Debt Clock


US State Dept / Countries & Capitals


US State Dept / Travel & Intl Info


US Wanted to Provoke War w/ Cuba


Utne Reader


Vandana Shiva (author, activist, feminist, environmentalist, physicist)






VegEats! NY


Vegetarian Links


Vegetarian Mitzvah


Vegetarian Nutrition


Vegetarian Quotations


Vegetarian Resource Group (VRG)


Vegetarian Thanksgiving


Vegetarian Vacations & Links


Vegetarian WebRing


Vegetarianism & Judaism


VegSource: veg news & resources


Vernal Project (Randy Schutt’s papers, favorite quotes, book)


Vote Solar


W. H. Auden: “September 1, 1939”


Wabi Sabi (Japanese art of imperfection, impermanence, and incompleteness…)


wage slave journal


Wallace Stevens: “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird”


war?: powerful short movie w/ music & Zinn quotes


War Resisters League


War Times“The First Casualty of War is Truth”


Waste Free Lunches


Water, commodification, and war (“blue gold”)


Way Left Links: The World Wide Red


Welfare Related Web Sites


What Matters?: Money/Love/Madness


What Uncle Sam Really Wants (excerpts)


When Corporations Rule the World (excerpts)



Why Socialism?” by Albert Einstein   


Widows of War Living Memorial


Wikipedia – A Free Encyclopedia (open source) (in various languages)


Will Durst (political comedy)


William Blum (author of Killing Hope and Rogue State)


William Greider (author of Who Will Tell the People?)

William Greider (official site)


William Rivers Pitt (anti Bush essays)


Wobblies: IWW (One Big Union)



Women’s eNews


Women’s Orgs Directory




Womynlynks!: women artists/activists of all sorts





Wordplay: art, philosophy, language


Wordsmith (Anu Garg’s A Word A Day)


Working for Change



World Alliance for Decentralized Energy (WADE)


World Rainforest Information Portal


World Social Forum



World Socialist Web Site News


World Union for Progressive Judaism


World War Two


World Watch Institute



World Watch Institute’s State of the World Trends and Facts



Writing & Fight for Justice (Social, Environmental, & Otherwise)





Yahoo maps (driving directions)



Yes! Positive Futures Network


Yes – Youth for Environmental Sanity


Yesh Gvul (There is a Limit!)



Yiddish American Digital Archive (YADA) - music


Yiddish Culture


Yiddish Glossary


Yiddish language



Yiddish Radio Project


Yiddish resources (Shtetl)


Yiddish Voice / Yiddish Links


Zapatista / Chiapas / Mexico Index (comprehensive list of English resources)


Zapatista Action / Accion Zapatista



Zapatista Net


Zapatistas (EZLN, en Español)



Zeek: A Jewish Journal of Thought and Culture




Zen Judaism


Zen Master Hakuin


Zen Stories



Zev’s anti-war poem (and his Dad’s anti-war poems)



Zev’s The World War Newspaper


ZNet: social change clearinghouse

An offshoot of Z Magazine, this is an excellent and comprehensive anti-profit, non-commercial web portal with “watch areas”, activist and other resources, critical analyses, political forums, quotes, songs, translations, cartoons, reviews, instructionals, interviews, audios, videos, pen pals, links, community, and more… is for sale!





101 Reasons I’m a Vegetarian (Pamela Rice)



10,000+ Links



911Timeline (Minute by Minute Timeline on 9/11 by Mark Elsis)


         CyberBrook’s  ThinkLinks



…think, read, research, write, educate, agitate, organize, resist, enjoy…to make a better world

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It is not your obligation to complete the task of perfecting the world,

but neither are you free from beginning it.

---Rabbi Tarfon,

Pirkei Avot [Ethics of Our Ancestors]


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